Category: Labor Trafficking

Trafficking by Kenyan Cartels

Cartels based in Kenya recruit East Africans into trafficking situations by pretending to be legitimate labor brokers for real jobs. JJ explains how they do it, which includes brazenly advertising in newspapers. Sources: Why human trafficking is still rife in Kenya, The Star Illicit Trafficking and Eastern Africa, UNODC KENYA: Tier 2, Office To Monitor

Labor Trafficking at Grant Family Farms

In 2010, Seth purchased a vegetable share from Grant Family Farms CSA, in Wellington, CO. Little did he know that a subcontractor had committed labor trafficking of undocumented workers 5 years prior, with a judge awarding $7.5 million to the 5 men for numerous violations of federal law in 2009. Seth tells their story, and

Traveling Magazine Sales Crews

Magazine sales crews are promoted as an exciting way for youth to travel and make money. While a good experience for some, the largely unregulated industry can also involve labor violations and false promises, which sometimes becomes human trafficking. Hosts Seth Daire and JJ Janflone discuss what labor trafficking looks like for some youth on