Monica Petersen’s GAD Analysis of Sex Trafficking

Discussion of Monica Petersen’s unpublished paper, “What are we saving women from and what are we saving them to? GAD Analysis of the Business of Sex Trafficking.” JJ Janflone and Seth Daire dedicate this episode to their friend and colleague Monica Petersen. Her paper critiques Siddharth Kara’s Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery.

Correctional Labor

What indicators does correctional labor have in common with slavery? Seth Daire and JJ Janflone look at prison statistics, case studies of prison labor, and the Constitutional “except as a punishment for crime” clause. Is it right to profit from prison labor? Also a look at prison gerrymandering, where prisoners count as residents for political

Terms of Enslavement

Seth Daire and JJ Janflone introduce the podcast by talking about the meaning and history of terms relating to slavery and human trafficking, primarily in the United States. Seth and JJ both attended the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the Universe of Denver ( and were student staff at the Human Trafficking Center